Did Your Car Sustain Severe Hail Damage?

Get help from a car dent repair technician in El Paso, TX

Hail damage repairs may take some time to complete. You won't have to call a friend for a ride when you choose Radar Hail Solutions in El Paso, Texas. As part of our car dent repair services, we'll give you a rental car to use at no charge. We'll even help you file an insurance claim so you can lower your out-of-pocket repair costs.

Don't let hail damage disrupt your daily routine. Rely on Radar Hail Solutions to restore your car. Contact us today.

Here's how we can help

We'll do whatever bodywork is needed to reverse the hail damage, including:

  • Replacing damaged panels or broken windows
  • Sanding out scratches and other imperfections
  • Repainting your car, truck or SUV

These services come with a lifetime warranty. Call us after a hailstorm, and we'll send a skilled car dent repair technician from our El Paso, TX headquarters to your auto dealership, school bus lot, police headquarters or municipal complex. Once there, we can fix the severe hail damage to your vehicles. Contact us today to learn more about our repair services.